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The longest tenure as Captain of the Wings
Rich Pollick (1973-74, 1974-75 & 1975-76)
The most shutouts in a season
Tim Kopf (5) in 1974-75, GA for season 2.75
The best goalie goals-against average for a season
Art Flynn with a 1.95GA in 1983-84, 1.50 in playoffs
The highest number of assists in a season
John DeFranza with 28 in 1973-74
The highest number of goals in a season
Dean Halvatzis with 32 in 1990-91
The highest total number of points in a season
Dean Halvatzis with 52 in 1990-91
The highest scoring forward line in a season
117 points: Yaremo,LW (19-19-38); Keshian,C (16-24-40); Newlin-Wagner,RW (14-25-39)
The most MVP awards
2 by Dave Browne (87-88 & 88-89) and Chris Edwards (81-82 & 82-83)
The most hat tricks in a season
5 by Dean Halvatzis in 1990-91
The youngest player competing for a full varsity season
7th grader Chris Gentry in 1975-76
The longest tenure on the Wings Varsity
6 seasons Matt Sweeney 1991-92 through 1996-97
5 seasons Dan Sweeney 1990-91 through 1994-95
5 seasons by Dean Halvatzis, 1986-87 through 1990-91>
The most brothers to play on the Wings Varsity
Sweeney: Dan(90-95), Matt(91-97) and Conor (02-05)
Borzilleri: Peter(73-74), John(74-77) and Rob(77-79)
Delaporte: Geordie(79-83), Andy(81-84) and Chris(83-85)

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