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       The club was founded by Peter Gall, Ward Doerschuck, and Bill Newlin-Wagner in the spring of 1973, after an unsuccessful request for support was made to the Garden City School Board.   The self-supporting club was incorporated as a "not for profit" organization to promote and enable students to play hockey and compete in the Nassau High School Hockey League, which was founded two years earlier.
       The Wings first season was quite successful, as the team finished in 6th place in the twelve team league.   The other participating teams were: Long Beach H.S., Hicksville H.S., St. Mary's H.S., W.T. Clarke H.S., Holy Trinity H.S., St. Dominic's H.S., Oceanside H.S., Seaford H.S., Levittown H.S., Carey H.S. and J.F.K. Bellmore H.S..

Varsity Player Awards:      
The Governors' Trophy/Wings MVP was established in the 1973-74 season at the request of the graduating players.  The MVP's through the years were as follows:   The Best Rookie Award was initiated in 1990 and is named "Geordie Cup" in memory of Geordie Delaporte.   The award winners:
73-74 Peter Borzilleri
74-75 Tim Kopf
75-76 Rich Pollick
76-77 John Borzilleri
77-78 Ken Skolnitz
78-79 Bob Borzilleri
79-80 Rob Forster
80-81 Mike Heaney
81-82 C.Edwards/T.Hogan
82-83 G.Delaporte/C.Edwards
83-84 Art Flynn
84-85 Scott Hiller
85-86 Shep Poole
86-87 Dave Chung
87-88 Dave Browne
88-89 Dave Browne
89-90 Ron Benevento
90-91 Chris Scioukas
92-93 Chris Heinrich
93-94 Anthony Maevsky
94-95 Dan Sweeney
95-96 Chris Owen
96-97 Matt Sweeney
01-02 Brian Damico
03-04 Ryan Boelsen
04-05 Kevin Seiferth
05-06 Ryan Norell
06-07 Nick Greco
07-08 David Logan
08-09 Tom Greco
09-10 David Wax
10-11 David Wax
11-12 Elias Georges & Albert Markopoulos
12-13 Joshua Zekraus
15-16 Joe King
16-17 Blake O'Neill & Aidan Ryan
17-18 Eric Mueller
18-19 Tommy Allen and Eric Mueller
19-20 Ryan Michel
  89-90 Rob Leoce
90-91 Chris Casano
92-93 Chris Owen
93-94 Chuck Casano
94-95 Tim Newman
95-96 Chronis Tsemplis
96-97 Tim Peeples
01-02 Brendan Collins
03-04 Kevin Betts
04-05 Aaron Kim
05-06 Anthony Bitetto
06-07 Spiros Markopoulos
07-08 David Wax
08-09 Robert Tomao
09-10 P.J. Volz
10-11 Tim Barbaro
11-12 Matt Lobasso
12-13 Matt Borges & Greg Gardner
15-16 Aidan Ryan
16-17 Eric Mueller
17-18 Jack Ryan
18-19 Tyler Bedard
19-20 Thomas Walker

Successful Wings Varsity Teams:
1974-75 Third in the NHSHL First Division and Silver Medal in the Tri-State H.S. Friendship Tournament at Royal Rink.  Tournament game results:
     Wings 4 Seton Hall H.S. 3
     Wings 2 St. Mary's Conn. H.S. 1
     Wings 3 Brunswick Prep 2
     Wings 2 Brunswick Prep 3 in the finals
1983-84 League and Playoff Champions in the Orange Division - NHSHL
1990-91 League and Playoff Champions NHSHL Division II
1994-95 League and Playoff Champions NHSHL Division II
2000-01 League and Playoff Champions NHSHL Division II

Annual Wings Alumni Game
On December 27,1976 the Wings held it's first Alumni game at the old Racquet and Rink Arena and it became an annual event.  The game pitted the returning alumni against the current varsity team.   The Alumni won that first game 7 to 1.  League rules no longer allow the current varsity team to participate in the Alumni game. An Alumni vs. Alumni game will be reinstated when we have enough interested Alumni players. Alumni are encourage to contact us if they are interested..

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At the TMA 1992 Sports Fair, Wings organizers Ward Doerschuck, Peter Gall and Bill Newlin-Wagner were honored with their families for their long, dedicated service.
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