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Wings Middle School 2004-2005 GC News 4/1/05
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Middle School Ice-Hockey Finishes A Tough Season

The Garden City Wings Middle School ice-hockey team played their last game of the season, with a loss of 5-8 in a high intensity game against the league's second place team. This season's change in the Nassau County High School Hockey League's structure of moving ninth graders to varsity, and adding sixth graders has temporarily set the Middle School Wings back. Current fifth graders are now being recruited to play in the spring season, as well as practices in the upcoming summer clinic, all in an effort to give the next fall season rookies, some experience before the regular season. Current sixth grade and seventh grade players will level the playing field somewhat, as they move up, a benefit that the team did not have this year.

Tom Greco and Wings teammates playing all out in the season's final game against Island Trees Middle School.

The season's record has not shaken the confidence and diligence of this young team. Ever out-sized, they played each game with heads high, team spirit in-tact, and an unwavering sense of confidence and commitment to each other, and their coaches. They have shown that they have the capability of competing competitively, especially during the last quarter of the season. A tighter defense and stronger offense was noticeable in the15-2 win against Great Neck, and even in the 4-5 loss against Port Washington. On the bench with head coach Rich Peck, general manager and varsity coach, Walter Hollewa got a first hand look at this team's improvements. Mr. Hollewa commented on the all-out attitude, and competitiveness of this group as he observed their final game.

Coach Peck gives the Middle School Wings their final pep talk of the season. Coach Brown to the right.

Lead scorers and current eighth graders, Eric Diller and Tom Greco, captain and perhaps heart of this group, will be moving off the middle school team next season. It remains to be seen if these incoming ninth graders will join the varsity level to face opposing eleventh and twelve grade players. Garden City currently lacks a junior varsity team due to an insufficient amount of players. As a result, exiting middle school players find themselves playing against adult size opponents on the varsity level. An increase in enrollment from ninth, tenth and eleventh graders could possibly generate a junior varsity team for Garden City. Until then, this is the avenue bravely taken by most Garden City Middle School players.

Goaltender, big guy John "JohnnyB" Bock, and Christian Knoch sets up for the next play in the final game.

The eleven games and practices for the spring season will soon be underway. Ask many of these players if they would prefer to play for another team, and you will hear a resounding no. The veteran players and their new teammates will play through the spring, take a short break, and then hit the ice again for their seven week summer clinic at Iceworks. The Wings organization are looking for new players to join the team. If you are a current fifth, sixth or seventh grader, have a zeal for competitive fast pace ice-hockey, possess an attitude and commitment to work and play hard, then the Garden City Middle School Wings are looking for you to join them. Please call Head Coach Rich Peck at 384-4652, or e-mail him at Information and history about the Garden City Middle School Wings can be found on The Wings Organization would like to thank TCBY on 7th St. in Garden City for their support this season.

Assistant Coach Joe Brown working with defensemen Tim Moynihan, Nolan McKeown, Pat Donahue, and forwards Frankie Giammona and Tom Greco

Middle School Wings listening to instructions from Head Coach Rich Peck during the last practice of the season.

Stephen Alonge with the puck for a hat trick against the Great Neck Bruins.

Spiros Kouroupos makes another assist on a goal against the Great Neck Bruins.

Goaltender James "The Mighty" Morra spies his opponent behind the net.

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